Visit us downtown:
1559 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 1Z7
Tues - Sat, 10am - 5:30

Sunday and Monday by appointment only

We're working on our new website design

and hope to have it up and running really soon. But in the meantime, check out our most recent shows:

Pre-Shrunk 2018

Kim Floyd - Toys Art Us

Andy MacDonald - Slow Century

Miyoshi Kondo Nocturne 2017

Damien Webb Nocturne 2017

Michelle St Onge Nocturne 2017

Kim Danio Nocturne 2017

Abigail Lower Nocturne 2017

Hiraeth - New Work by Caitlin McGuire and Megan LeForte

Craig Baltzer - Where I Live

Gordon MacDonald - Adjectives

Michelle St Onge - Ancestra Obscura

Briana Corr Scott - Foreshadow to Spring

Kimberley Eddy - Winter Escape

Damien Webb - Ticky Tacky

Pre-Shrunk 2017

Kim Floyd - Pantry

Danny Abriel - Luminous Ways

Brianne Williams - Women in Water

Get Set!

Abigail Lower - The Slow Awakening

Mark Brennan - New Wilderness Landscapes

Twila Robar-DeCoste - Marshlands

Shelley Mitchell - Craft

Gordon MacDonald - From the Ground Up

Katharine Burns - Sea Level

Briana Corr Scott - Spring/Light

Sarah Jones - CITY

Pre-Shrunk 2016

Angela Carlsen - Before Homogeneity

Brianne Williams - Water and Wharfs

Toni Losey

Gordon MacDonald

Shelley Mitchell - Boats and Bulls

Craig Baltzer

Kim Danio

Andy MacDonald

Natasha Krzyzewski

Jan Davison

Sarah Jones

Cat Person, Dog Person 2015

Textual Feelings

Pre-Shrunk 2015

New works by Katharine Burns

New works by Mark Brennan

New works by Trevor Van den Eijnden/a>

New works by Caitlin McGuire

New works by Mary Garoutte

From the Road: New Works by Gordon MacDonald

Canadiana Group Show

New works by George Spencer - Comfort Food, 2014

New works by Luke Naylor

New works by Twila Robar-DeCoste


Cat Person. Dog Person.

Pre-Shrunk 2014

Bronwyn Arundel

Barry Colpitts

Peter Rafuse

Steven Rhude

Melissa Townsend

Andy MacDonald

Mary Garoutte

Naomi Walsh

Gordon MacDonald

Gary Grant

Mark Brennan 2013

New Work by Gregg Tracey

New Work by Alexis Doiron and Jenny Morton

Shelley Mitchell "Waterlines" 2013

New Work by Aaron LaShomb

New work by Jane Rovers

Bryanna Chapeskie - Nature Scenes

Common Ground group show

Angela Carlsen - Roadside America

Justin Lee - Harold Hickenbottom and the Story of how he became friends with the Monsters under his Bed

Cat Person

Pre-Shrunk 2013

Steve Richard - The Sensual World

John Houston: A Life in Inuit Art

Ed Beals: Nocturne 2012

Nick Brunt: Nocturne 2012

New Works by Andy MacDonald

Steven Rhude: Intervention

Between the Hours by Gordon MacDonald

New Works by Melissa Townsend

New Works by Mary Garoutte

Hot Dogs Hot Dogs Hot Dogs: New work by Nick Brunt

Oceans: New work by Trevor Van den Eijnden

New Works by Adrienne Godbout

Shelly Mitchell - The Edge of the Ocean

New Works by Twila Robar-DeCoste

New Works by Mark Brennan

Gordon MacDonald: Noturnal Landscapes

Andrea Saint-Pierre: Lucent Liberation: Casting Light on a Conquered City. Illuminated Works.

If you missed our annual miniature show called "Pre-Shrunk" show where all the works are 4" x 5" and sell for $175. You can still see all of the pieces from the show here. There are many wonderful works still waiting for the perfect home.

In the meantime, please check our our blog site at for new works. You can also join our facebook group or our page to find out the latest updates and events.